Swim and Survive fun for Onslow kids

22 December 2020
A recent Swim and Survive program held at Onslow Aquatic Centre saw a group of 22 young students complete swimming lessons ranging from stage 1-9 over an eight-week term. 

The lessons provided much needed swimming and water safety education to all participants, with many eager to continue their Swim and Survive journey next term. Swimming instructor Sophie Telfer said the kids were loving the lessons and interest in future programs increased each week.

young girl wearing a swimming cap and holding up her swimming certificates“All the children in Onslow have made great progress and it is great to see them so proud of their achievements!” said Sophie. “Learning to swim is really important, especially in a place like Onslow where we are surrounded by water and many families have boats or spend time at the beach or pool,” 

“The swimming lessons run through the Royal Life Saving WA Endorsed Swim School program have benefitted the Onslow community by providing children with an opportunity to learn to swim and learn important rescue and survival skills.”

This Swim and Survive program was made possible by the support of Principal Community Partner BHP, who provides funding for similar programs throughout the Pilbara. Participants were also equipped with a Swim and Survive pack, including a towel, swimming cap and goggles to assist with their lessons. 

Sophie said the lessons are definitely of benefit to the Onslow community. “In Onslow, there is limited sport and recreation activities for kids over the weekend, so not only have the lessons provided children with invaluable swimming skills, they have also given families something to do on a Saturday morning.”

With 130 Endorsed Swim Schools throughout WA, there’s a school near you. Find your local school at the link below.
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