Swim and Survive on the Swan River these holidays

27 September 2016
The recently released National Drowning Report shows that inland waterways continue to be the leading location for drowning in Australia. More than a quarter of the nation’s drowning deaths last financial year happened in rivers, creeks, lakes and dams, and of the 75 people who died at these inland waterway locations, 58 were in rivers and creeks.

Royal Life Saving Society WA is determined to ensure our young people are equipped to keep themselves and their friends safe in inland waterways. Our state has 58 rivers stretching over 9587kms, and these are often used for aquatic recreation.

Many people tend to underestimate the risks that exist at inland waterways, so it is important that everyone has the necessary skills to participate safely at these locations. In order to address this issue Royal Life Saving Society WA is holding a free Swim and Survive on the Swan program at the Riverton Bridge & Canning River Weir for children these schools holidays.

We’re also conducting programs during Term 4 at the Ascot Kayak Club and Garrett Road Bridge in Bayswater.

The aim of the program is to raise awareness of the potential dangers present in the river environment, and teach children essential swimming and lifesaving skills via our Bronze Medallion program. We’d encourage all parents to think carefully about their child’s swimming abilities before allowing them to play in and around the river these holidays.

Royal Life Saving Society WA's Senior Manager Health Promotion and Research, Lauren Nimmo says “Although rivers and other inland waterways often look calm from the surface, there may be submerged obstacles which are not visible and conditions can change rapidly. We want people to remember Respect the River’s four simple safety tips; wear a lifejacket, avoid alcohol around water, never swim alone and learn how to save a life”.

To take part in the upcoming Swim and Survive on the Swan program please complete the form at the link below.

Any interested local organisations, such as Sea Scouts, Land Scouts, and Youth groups, who would like to take part in a Swim and Survive on the Swan program in the coming months can contact our office on 9383 8200, for further information.