Swim and Survive Program in Full Swing

20 February 2018

At Royal Life Saving WA, we’re determined that each new generation acquires essential swimming and water-safety skills. That’s why our Swim & Survival Fund exists – to provide all sectors of the community with swimming and survival education. We want everyone to be able to access swimming lessons, regardless of cultural background, socio-economic status or where they live!
Swimming instructor and student
This summer, Royal Life Saving WA teamed up with the Shire of Gingin and Seastarz Swim School to teach local kids how to swim and survive. Over 10 weeks every Sunday, 34 children took part in our Swim & Survive program, learning life-saving skills while having huge amounts of fun!
girl diving into the pool
In partnership with Dianella Secondary College, Royal Life Saving WA is also running a six-week Swim and Survive program. The program aims to target those children who are classified as beginners in their swimming ability, including the high number of multicultural children attending Dianella Secondary College, as well as IEC (intensive English centre) students from Dianella Primary College.

Multicultural Youth Swim & Survive programs are an introduction to swimming programs for children who might not otherwise get the chance to participate. These classes allow children to practice and develop their swimming skills before participating in swimming lessons at school. They also introduce children to their local swim schools!

At Royal Life Saving WA, we believe that teaching children personal survival skills and water safety is the most important investment a community can make to reduce drowning. This program is supported by Principal Community Partner BHP as part of its sponsorship of our Swim and Survive Access and Equity Initiative.

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