Swimmers brave icy waters for Melville Midwinter

23 June 2021
On Saturday 19th June, members of the Royal Life Saving WA Workforce Solutions team provided water safety services for the inaugural City of Melville Midwinter event.

Melville Midwinter posterThe event took place on Saturday evening at Dyoondalup, also known as Point Walter Reserve. Dyoondalup or Dyundalup is a Noongar word meaning ‘place of long white flowing hair’ – describing the white sand of the sand bar and the waves breaking across it at the point.

Touted as a 'celebration of introspection and renewal' the event offered stories and music 'against the backdrop of fire and moon by the river.' Guests made their way through a series of nine performance stations, enjoying musical, theatrical and spoken word performances. 

The bravest among them then joined in the final performance, launching themselves into the Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River), embarking on an icy swim from the jetty back to shore – around 40 people took the plunge into the cold, dark water!

Our team of lifeguards were there to keep everyone safe during the jetty jump. Shift Officer and lifeguard Shaun Malone was accompanied by lifeguards Adam Whale and Brooke Frantom.

Lifeguard Adam Whale on rescue boardShaun helped from the jetty where the Port Beach Polar Bears Club were leading the jump and coaching participants in ways to keep warm. Shaun directed each wave of jumpers, organising them into small groups to ensure plenty of space for everyone and so that numbers could be checked by his team. The jump zone had to be clear of swimmers before the next group approached. 

Lifeguards Adam and Brooke were positioned on rescue boards in the water, one at the jump zone and one along the route of swimmers heading back to shore, to make sure everyone returned safely. Thanks to the chilly temperatures, they didn’t encounter too many stragglers with everyone making a hasty beeline for the shore!

The City of Melville were extremely pleased with the services of our lifeguard team, saying “The staff from Royal Life Saving WA were a total credit to the organisation. They were on time, professional, and did a great job of being in the water and on watch for the jump off the jetty moment. It was a highlight and went off without a hitch. Pleasure dealing with Royal Life Saving WA.”

Learn more about the professional lifeguard services offered by the Royal Life Saving WA Workforce Solutions team for events at the link below.
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