Swimming for a healthy treat at Marble Bar

11 February 2021
46 children from Marble Bar took part in a Go for 2&5 Swim for Fruit challenge which took place at the Marble Bar Aquatic Centre during November to January.

The challenge encourages children to swim a requisite number of laps of the pool or complete other aquatic activities and challenges to earn themselves a rewarding afternoon tea of fresh fruit and healthy treats.

The kids of ‘Australia’s hottest town’ love to cool off at the swimming pool and enjoyed having an extra challenge to look forward to. Activities included swimming laps, retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool, running races in the water, kickboard races, swimming with pool noodles and water polo. They all had a great time completing the challenges and were rewarded with a refreshing plate of fruit for their efforts!

The Go For 2&5 Swim for Fruit program is an extension of the Swim and Survive program within regional and remote Aboriginal communities. Royal Life Saving WA is working to address concerning drowning statistics among Aboriginal Australians – children in particular – through increased swimming and water safety education in regional and remote WA. Data shows that Aboriginal children are 14 times more likely to be involved in a fatal drowning incident than non-Aboriginal children in our state.

Swim for Fruit is supported in Western Australia by Healthway. In addition to improving swimming and water safety skills, the program also aims to promote healthy lifestyle habits within the community, encouraging physical activity and healthy eating. 

Learn more about the Swim for Fruit program at the link below.
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