The best offence is a good deFENCE

27 September 2018
Spring has arrived, which means we will all soon be spending time around the water to keep cool. Unfortunately, this time of year also means that curious toddlers will be attracted to their backyard swimming pool. In Western Australia children under 5 are more likely to drown in a home pool in spring than in any other season.
In an effort to reduce the number of preventable toddler drownings happening each year across Australia, our friends at Kidsafe Australia are reminding us that ‘the best offence is a good defence’ through their Safe Barriers Save Lives campaign. The campaign features former AFL player and coach Rodney Eade and was launched last week with the help of Olympian Matt Welsh OAM .
While pool barriers make a huge impact on reducing the risk of home pool drownings, a large number of drownings occur due to faults with the barrier such as the gate being propped open, gates and doors not being self-closing or self-latching or climbable objects being left near the fence. Many of these faults can be easily fixed with a quick check of your pool or spa barrier ahead of the warmer months.
“There is no better use of 15-20 minutes of your time than checking the safety of your pool barrier in preparation for the warm summer months ahead. By doing so, you could save a life”, said Mr Welsh.
While pool and spa barriers play an important role in reducing the risk of childhood drowning, Kidsafe is reminding the public that their pool defence should also include a number of other actions.
“Children drown quickly and silently. Together with a compliant pool barrier that is regularly checked and maintained, your home pool defence should also include active adult supervision of children in and around water, water awareness and first aid knowledge to keep your family safe this season” said Mr Welsh.
At Royal Life Saving WA we know how important a properly functioning pool fence is to keep children safe. Why not make this weekend your ‘Home Pool Safety Weekend’? Download the Royal Life Saving Home Pool Safety Checklist to assess your pool and ensure it’s safe for everyone to enjoy.


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If you do find any faults with your home pool barrier, head to one of SPASA WA's members to get the best advice on how to make it safe!
For more information about Kidsafe’s Safe Barriers Save Lives campaign visit their website.