Think twice about rock fishing this weekend

23 March 2018

With the salmon season underway many West Aussie fishers will be planning to head out to wet a line this weekend, but Royal Life Saving Society WA is warning the fishing community to be aware of the dangers posed by large swells which are expected along the WA coast due to Tropical Cyclone Marcus. 

Forecasts show that in the South-West Margaret River will see swells between 2 and 3 metres across the weekend, while in the Mid-West Geraldton swells will reach 3.6m.

Over the past 10 years 67 people have lost their lives in fishing related drownings across WA, with 20 of these related specifically to rock fishing. 2-3 metre swells at some of WA’s popular rock fishing locations can create a very hazardous situation.

Royal Life Saving Society WA’s Senior Manager Health Promotion and Research, Lauren Nimmo says “On average 7 people lose their lives in fishing related drownings each year in WA. Almost all of these occurred in poor weather conditions and large, unpredictable swells, causing people to get swept off rocks or boats to capsize. We’d encourage West Australians to recognise that fishing is a dangerous sport and they must take all the necessary safety precautions.”

Royal Life Saving recommends that all those involved in fishing choose the safest possible location to do so, take time to observe the conditions before getting near the water, always fish with others, always wear a lifejacket and carry a float and line so you are prepared to assist anyone who is washed into the water.

Ms Nimmo says “Conditions like those expected across the weekend are potentially deadly. No fish is worth dying for so we would encourage people to postpone their fishing plans if possible, and at the very least choose the safest possible location.”

More advise on fishing safety can be found at the link below.

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