Upskill to be an aquatic and resuscitation trainer

12 March 2020

Many people are looking for new opportunities to expand their skill set and increase earning potential. One way to achieve this is through obtaining additional trainer qualifications. 

Royal Life Saving WA offers the ability to become an Aquatic and Resuscitation Trainer through an easy to follow process. This path provides participants with the skills and knowledge to teach and conduct an examination of The Royal Life Saving Society WA Awards, such as the Bronze Medallion and Resuscitation, within a workplace or community setting. 

Here are the steps to make this happen: 

1. Enrol in the Aquatic and Resuscitation Trainer course. 

This is a 5-hour course that covers both wet and dry components such as professional instructions, learning and assessment resources, administration, CPR and water rescue skills. Theprerequisites are a current Bronze Medallion or School Teacher Aquatic Rescue Training (START) and Working with children check. 

2. Co-presentation. 

After completing the course participants are required to demonstrate these new skills by co-presenting an award with one of our assessors. 

3. Instructor sign-off.

Community trainer teaching the students at the lake

 Throughout the course and co-presentation there are learnings that will need to be signed off by the trainer. The completion of this is the final step to award the qualification. 

4. Requalification. 

Annual requalification is required by trainers to ensure critical knowledge is top of mind and up to date information is learned. This is an online process however requires a current Bronze Medallion and attendance at professional development sessions which are provided throughout the year. 

Francesca Amoroso, community trainer coordinator, says “being a part of the Royal Life Saving Community Trainers Network would provide you with the opportunity to make a difference locally in WA. Teaching lifesaving skills is enjoyable and very rewarding.” 

There are many benefits to becoming a trainer with Royal Life Saving WA, including flexibility with working hours and locations, ability to teach a variety of awards and ongoing professional development and support. 

Click here for more information on becoming a trainer. 

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