VIP winner overwhelmed with raffle win

19 August 2021

The winner of Royal Life Saving WA’s latest VIP raffle says the win has come at just the right time to help his family with some necessary expenses! Joshua from Marangaroo took home $10,000 cash when his lucky ticket number 85986 was drawn in our July VIP raffle.

Royal Life Saving WA runs raffles right throughout the year, supporting our vital work to prevent drowning across our state. Our Royalty VIP club members make a regular monthly pledge that gives them automatic entry into VIP exclusive raffles each month and our three major raffles each year.

Joshua says he became a VIP Club member when he was approached by some of our VIP raffle workers and realized right away that this was a cause he wanted to support. “The ladies who sold me the tickets explained what Royal Life Saving does and I just thought because I have young kids it’s a good initiative, especially the focus on helping people who need it to get their kids into swimming lessons. So, I thought I would try to help as much as I could.”

Joshua has four children, including a son who has autism. He’s very aware of how vital it is for all children to have an opportunity to learn to be safe around the water. “It’s very important for kids to learn swimming skills, especially my eldest who has autism because I’ve seen a couple of things on the news with kids with autism being attracted to the water and sometimes things can go wrong.” Personally he’s done his best to make sure his kids have the swimming skills they need. “My daughter Billie has done swimming lessons at school and my son Wolf swims with me at mum and dad’s, and we all just pretty much have taught them to get the hang of swimming. They’ve become more comfortable around the water just from being there so much.”

When Joshua received a call from Royal Life Saving General Manager Marketing, Allan Godfrey, to tell him he’d won it came as a real shock! “I was pretty excited, I started tearing up, I even said to Allan that I couldn’t believe I was starting to tear up over it. I was so happy; I couldn’t believe it.” The win will really help his family at an important time! “I’ll be trying to fix my car because it’s been broken for the last couple of years and also our dog needs vet work including a cat scan, so that will cost about 3 or 4 grand. The money will help out a lot!”

Royal Life Saving WA appreciates the support of its faithful raffle supporters who make a real difference in ensuring those who may otherwise miss out on learning vital swimming and water safety skills can receive funding assistance to take part in swimming lessons. Joshua says he’s been encouraging others to take part in the raffles or VIP Club as he has. “I’ve told my brothers and stuff that if they want to support any charity to choose Royal Life Saving because it helps out a lot and also it can help you. You get raffle tickets every month and you might be the winner one day!”

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