Wander out Yonder increases training needs in the Kimberley

4 July 2021
Tourism WA’s Wander out Yonder campaign has been successfully encouraging Western Australians to explore within their own state, seeing popular areas full to the brim with travellers. 

While the increase in traffic to regional areas has been a boon for those in the industry, the challenge for providers is keeping up with the needs of visitors and ensuring their safety, particularly in WA’s more isolated areas.

Royal Life Saving WA trainer, Leanne Coverley-Brandis, recently travelled to Kununurra to provide essential training courses to staff working in the area. Leanne took 6 participants through a Pool Operations course for Group 2, 3 and 4 pools (e.g., pools at hotels, motels, caravan sites). The course covers the correct operation of swimming pool plant and equipment at these facilities. With increased numbers to the pool amid Kununurra’s 35-degree heat, having enough staff with the necessary pool operations skills and knowledge is of vital importance.

first aid course participant under an emergency blanketLeanne also delivered an HLTAID011 Provide First Aid course to 17 participants at El Questro Station, an hour and a half drive along the Gibb River Road from Kununurra. Due to the isolated location, training resources are scarce for the staff who work there. 

The El Questro team also rely on one paramedic who is based in Wyndham, an hour away from the Station. Having multiple team members with the skills to help in a first aid emergency will make a huge difference with all the additional tourists visiting the area.

Leanne tailored the course to cover real-life incidents the team might encounter during their day-to-day work in the area's wilderness, such as cuts and bleeds, wounds from objects in the environment, and treating anaphylactic reactions (e.g. from bee stings). The team learnt how to assess a casualty, ensure their own safety and provide ongoing care and assistance in treating a casualty.

Leanne said, “they have excellent first aid equipment on hand along with staff who were eager to learn. Now, they have the training to use it to its full potential in case of an emergency.”

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