Warmun children enjoy their school swimming carnival

14 March 2016

Children at Warmun in WA’s Kimberley region enjoyed their school swimming carnival last week.image of aboriginal children standing by the pool waiting to start a race

Jamie O’Donohue, the Pool Manager at the community’s Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pool says “80 children were involved, from the Warmun School and the Frog Hollows School, competing in the usual swimming races, but also taking part in some special Royal Life Saving safety relays.”

The relays made for an interactive carnival, with children of all ages able to enjoy the fun of such events as the kickboard throw relay and a rescue tube race.

The children in Warmun recently completed two weeks of swimming lessons with Adele Caporn, a Swim Instructor from Perth, and enjoyed showing their newly learnt skills during the carnival. Many adults from the community attended to watch their children compete, and all enjoyed a BBQ to finish the day.

Royal Life Saving Society WA looks forward to seeing these children continue to develop their swimming and water safety skills through the great work done by Jamie at the Warmun Pool. You can read more about our Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pool project at the link below.