Warmun kids lap it up for a tasty treat

21 April 2021

Pool Manager Steve Waterman with a local Aboriginal boy eating watermelon by the poolThe Go for 2&5 Swim for Fruit program is a health and water safety initiative which has been running for over 20 years at regional and remote swimming pools across Western Australia. The program is run as a partnership between Royal Life Saving WA and Healthway.

Two Aboriginal boys in the pool wearing Swim For Fruit caps

The program is designed to improve awareness around healthy eating in these communities, while also providing them with access to water safety education while they practise their swimming skills. Children who complete a set number of laps or other aquatic challenges in a session are rewarded with an afternoon tea of fresh fruit and healthy treats.

This season children at the Warmun Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pool have taken part in Swim for Fruit with great enthusiasm! 295 participants have got involved throughout the season, with children swimming ten laps at a session to earn a piece of fruit.

Warmun Remote Pool Manager Steve Waterman says it really is a highlight for the kids! “The kids really love Swim for Fruit. Some even run into pool and shout ‘Steve I'm doing laps!!!’ It's a great initiative and has loads of benefits for the kids, healthy eating choices, exercise, and swimming with friends just to name a few.”A table covered in fruit

Steve and Aisyah Waterman standing behind a table full of fruit

The program is tailored for children of different ages to ensure everyone can get involved, with some of the kids swimming the full length of the 25 metre pool, while the smaller children swim across the pool to reduce the distance and enable them to achieve the required lap tally! Steve says the program is extremely worthwhile “My wife Aisyah and I are huge supporters of Swim for Fruit and Aisyah loves to make fruit platters and juices for the kids. I am very excited to get back into it next season!”

You can read more about Swim for Fruit at the link below.

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