Warmun teachers achieve their Bronze

1 April 2021
Warmun teachers on Bronze Medallion courseTeaching staff from the Ngalangangpum school in the remote WA community of Warmun recently completed their Bronze Medallion qualifications.

Warmun Pool Manager Stephen Waterman delivered the training over the weekend of 20-21 March for a teacher and a teacher’s aide from the school, as well as delivering a Bronze Medallion requalification for two other teachers from the school.

group of people practising CPR on a manikinThe Bronze Medallion is the original lifesaving award, having been around in Australia for over a century. The course covers general water safety in various aquatic environments, survival skills, search and rescue techniques and resuscitation.

Those completing the course achieve the skills, judgement and initiative to perform successful aquatic rescues through techniques including reaching, throwing, wading, rowing, swimming and towing a casualty.

Ngalangangpum’s Physical Education Teacher, Lauren, co-presented the training alongside Stephen in order to gain her Aquatic Trainer certificate.

The training tested the physical skills of the participants as well as their initiative when presented with a rescue scenario. They each did such a great job in demonstrating the skills they had learned that we’re sure Stephen will be glad to have these lifesaving-qualified teachers visit the pool any time!

Interested in completing your own Bronze Medallion? Learn more at the link below.
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