Whirlpools of flavour at youth employment workshop

4 January 2021

Rivers of butter icing, whirlpools of cake batter and droplets of candy sparkle were all part of Royal Life Saving WA’s expanded youth employment program in Port Hedland last year.

Teaming up with Wild Thyme Café earlier in the year to host a cake making and decorating workshop, the program provided an introduction to the hospitality industry to a group of fresh-faced Hedland youngsters.

group of young adults attending a cake making workshopThe group donned aprons and armed themselves with spatulas for a day of intensive dessert making. They spent the day learning the ins and outs of cake making and decorating, icing techniques and flavour combinations.

The workshop was a sweet success and proved to be very popular with participants. Some impressed with culinary masterpieces, while others may still require a little more time in the kitchen to learn the difference between a pancake and a sponge cake! (hint: it’s all in the batter!)

In regional towns such as Port Hedland, many hotels, cafes and restaurants have a high demand for multi-skilled entry-level positions. Staff who can work both front of house, providing customer service, and back of house, as kitchenhands, are highly sought after.

Royal Life Saving WA has been working together with Principal Community Partner BHP to build on the successful Talent Pool program, an innovative training and employment program that provides a springboard for young people and prepares them for employment opportunities in their local communities and across the state. 

Learn more about the work of this program at the link below.

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