Wiluna aquatic trainer helps make an impact on her community

25 March 2022

During Royal Life Saving WA Talent Pool Manager Cameron Eglington’s recent trip to the small Mid West regional town of Wiluna, he was supported by recently qualified aquatic trainer Katie Lindquist in providing training and facilitating aquatic sessions with local school students.

Aquatic trainer Katie Lindquist with students in a first aid courseKatie has been part of the Wiluna community, situated 966 kilometres northeast of Perth, for just over a year, supporting Royal Life Saving WA in delivering on its aim of having trained lifesavers and first responders in every community. During Royal Life Saving WA’s 2021 visit to Wiluna, Katie completed her Provide First Aid and Bronze Medallion awards at the local Wiluna School and pool, subsequently going on to qualify as a pool lifeguard. 

This year, Katie went on to make a significant impact on her community, supporting Cameron in providing essential water safety and first aid training to Wiluna students. With BHP as our principal community partner, Royal Life Saving WA has been able to successfully deliver a range of water safety and drowning programs for at-risk communities throughout Western Australia. 

Providing training programs in regional communities ensures that remote areas will always have a lifesaver or first responder nearby to support aquatic facilities. During 2018 to 2019, Royal Life Saving WA conducted regional training programs that engaged 4,989 participants in locations from remote Kimberley communities through to the Great Southern Coast. Katie is one of 22,310 skilled lifesavers helping those in need and delivering a meaningful impact in their community. 

Katie supported Cameron in delivering 12 planned workshops to the Wiluna community, providing essential water safety and first aid sessions to potential future first responders. With 39 awards achieved during their time there, we look forward to learning of the impact Katie delivers to the next remote community she visits. 

Interested in learning more about becoming an aquatic trainer? Visit the link below for more information.

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