Workforce Solutions team hard at work beneath the Water Labyrinth

12 October 2021
Not many visitors to the Perth CBD will have seen down into the depths beneath the City of Perth’s Water Labyrinth in Forrest Place – here is a sneak peek at what goes on underground!

Water Labyrinth maintenanceThe Water Labyrinth is an interactive water sculpture that was created by artist Jeppe Hein exclusively for Forrest Place in the Perth CBD. Nine ‘rooms’ are created within the space via a series of water jets that momentarily shoot water straight upwards before disappearing again. Kids delight in running from ‘room’ to ‘room’, dodging the water jets.

Fed by its own labyrinth of pipes and water tanks below ground, Royal Life Saving WA's Workforce Solutions team maintains the system down below to keep the magic happening up top.

Our Workforce Solutions field operators conduct regular maintenance works at a variety of aquatic play spaces around Perth. The duo pictured here are Jake and Desi, who joined the Workforce Solutions team after progressing through the Talent Pool program. 

The quarterly maintenance works at the Water Labyrinth include cleaning the large strainer baskets which are located within the system’s four water return tanks.

“The guys use an electric winch to remove the baskets from the tanks,” says Workforce Solutions Operations Coordinator Warren Goodwin. “They conduct an inspection of the internals of the tanks and condition of the strainer baskets. After cleaning, the baskets are replaced and the filtration system is recommissioned ready for use.”

The Forrest Place Water Labyrinth is one of a number of sites our Workforce Solutions Operators are engaged in maintenance works. Other locations around the city include the water parks at Elizabeth Quay, Yagan Square and Hyde Park.