Kingsway aquatic play space ready for summer with help from Workforce Solutions

20 October 2020

Families can now cool down at the Kingsway aquatic play space as temperatures begin to rise thanks to the Royal Life Saving WA Workforce Solutions team.

Kingsway splash pad with water on

Start-up operations are required each year to ensure the water park is safe and hygienic, consistent with WA Department of Health standards. The works included sanitization of the wet deck, microbiological water testing, flushing the jet system, re-establishing chemical dosing and much more. 

Located at Kingsway Regional Sporting Complex in Madeley the aquatic play space is a zero-depth dinosaur themed water playground with water features that can be activated for 10-minute intervals. It is open 8am to 7pm daily between October and April. 

Maintaining aquatic facilities requires more technical skill than often meets the eye. Our Workforce Solutions team are highly trained professionals who can ensure the proper maintenance of your pool or water play space regardless of shape or size. 

Click below to learn more about Royal Life Saving WA Pool Maintenance services. 

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