Member Story - Chris Retallack

16 March 2022

With over 40,000 members as part of the Royal Life Saving WA community, we host a series of Member Awards to recognise the extraordinary efforts of these individuals. Included in these awards is the Western Australia Guardian Member Award dedicated to awarding an individual that has been actively involved as a member, completing a minimum of 20 years’ service.

Chris Retallack with a pool lifeguardAt our most recent Member Awards, Chris Retallack received the Guardian Member Award for more than 20 years of involvement as a training member. Chris began his career in aquatics in Albany and became a pool lifeguard at the new Wanneroo Waterworld in the late 1980’s before moving to the City of Stirling.

Chris has stayed within the aquatic industry all his working life including a role with Royal Life Saving WA as a Remote Pool Manager. He then spent a significant amount of time working with the YMCA across Port and South Hedland as one of two Pool Managers responsible for the operation of Gratwick and South Hedland aquatic centres. 

Through his role as a Pool Manager and Royal Life Saving WA aquatic trainer, Chris was influential in supporting young people get a start in the industry. “He helped large numbers of young people obtain aquatic industry qualifications that led to initial employment across local pools before he helped to mentor them on to the next phase of their careers,” said Travis Doye, Senior Manager Workforce Solutions. 

Chris Retallack with Tony HeadChris continued to be influential throughout his time in the Pilbara, supporting the local community by ensuring the two aquatic centres remained safe, enjoyable and operational places. “Chris worked hard to ensure these facilities operated well and provided the same, or better, service for the Hedland community that would be provided elsewhere throughout the state,” said Travis.

Since leaving the Pilbara, Chris has spent time working in several metropolitan aquatic facilities and is currently employed with the City of Armadale at the Armadale Aquatic Centre. He has remained a representative of the Leisure Institute of Western Australia (LIWA) Aquatics Board for many years, continuing his influential legacy by providing an integral regional perspective based on his depth of experience that has helped to frame programs and services for the broader community. 

The influence and dedication of members such as Chris are integral to the continued success of the aquatic industry, and we are thankful for their commitment to the missions of Royal Life Saving WA.