Member Story - Christopher Coccaro

22 March 2022

As a member-based organisation, Royal Life Saving regularly recognises the contributions of members within our community who support us in achieving our aims and objectives relating to drowning prevention. 

In our most recent Western Australia Honours Awards, Christopher Coccaro was awarded the Western Australia Companion Member Award for over 15 years of involvement as an active Supporter Member through fundraising. 

Christopher has been a regular supporter of Royal Life Saving WA’s initiatives since we first contacted him via telephone for Raffle 38 on the 10th of November 2005. In his first raffle donation, he contributed the standard asking price at the time. He continued with this generosity, giving to the organisation every time we reached out. It was during raffle 53 that Christopher decided to more than double his monthly contribution.

On the 20th of March 2011, Christopher signed up for our new Regular Giving Program as a Silver VIP where he continued to make ongoing donations of at least $30 to every raffle. Going above and beyond in his generosity, Christopher has continued to donate for 52 raffles in a row, with special mention contributions of $100 to raffle 66 in 2014 and $60 to raffle 72 in 2016. 

To be able to effectively continue the missions of Royal Life Saving WA, we rely on the commitment of members such as Christopher. We are thankful for his ongoing support as well as the support from other members within the community who have allowed Royal Life Saving WA to serve the state with drowning prevention initiatives and water safety education. 

To learn more about membership and register to become an Associated Member (individual) of the Royal Life Saving Society WA, visit the link below.

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