Pool operator provides Workforce Solution in Esperance

9 June 2021
Royal Life Saving WA Workforce Solutions team member Rosie recently headed to Esperance to help out the pool operations team at the Bay of Isles Leisure Centre.

Rosie had been on her way up to the northern parts of WA in search of work during the winter months when she received a call from the Workforce Solutions unit. The Bay of Isles Leisure Centre was experiencing a period of staff shortage and had engaged Royal Life Saving to assist in providing a temporary staff member.

Workforce Solutions provides help to the aquatic industry in times of staff shortages. The unit has been operating in the broader aquatic industry for several years, helping to ensure the doors of aquatic facilities have been kept open.

Senior Manager Workforce Solutions, Travis Doye, called on Rosie to fill the position. “Rosie’s normal work has her engaged as a pool operator in the hills area of Perth but because her home pool is seasonal, she was looking for work. Rosie made it as far as Cervantes before being asked to turn around and drive to Esperance.”

“Rosie appears to have settled in well with the local BOILC crew and is enjoying life in the southern part of the state,” Travis said. “After an initial two-week period of work at BOILC through her Workforce Solutions role, Rosie is now considering an offer of employment with the Shire of Esperance. This is a great outcome for all that has been facilitated through the Royal Life Saving WA short-term Workforce Solutions service.”

Bay of Isles Leisure Centre manager Jaye Jose said she had been very happy with Rosie’s work ethic and her extremely positive attitude towards patrons and the team at the centre.

“Pool Managers have been sent to a variety of centres from the very north of the state to the very south and to a number of spots in between,” says Travis. “Not only do these work opportunities offer help for aquatic facilities experiencing shortages of staff, they also provide valuable opportunities for growth and diversity of experience for Pool Operators.”

The Workforce Solutions team is always on the lookout for highly experienced and reliable Pool Operators who would like the opportunity to travel for short term work in the aquatic industry. To learn more about this service, or for any facilities looking for support, please visit the link below.
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