Royal Life Saving WA partners with Maar Koodjal

11 July 2019
Royal Life Saving WA has welcomed the development of Maar Koodjal (meaning hand in hand), a new Aboriginal not-for-profit organisation that aims to establish a vibrant community practice based on the traditional values of First Nations Peoples in Noongar Country.

Earlier this year, Royal Life Saving WA opened its doors to the Maar Koodjal team, offering up desk space and support in helping with the establishment of the organisation. In return, Maar Koodjal will play an important part in the design and implementation of our Reconciliation Action Plan and our programs and services with Aboriginal people.

Noongar man Dennis Simmons playing the didgeridooDennis Simmons, the driving force behind the organisation, is a Noongar man who has been involved in teaching culture and educating youth in the community for 30 years. He has worked providing cultural awareness training to organisations and mentoring Aboriginal employees. He currently delivers Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid training in remote locations throughout the country, and is a valued member of our Multicultural Steering Committee.

Maar Koodjal’s vision is to establish a Noongar Cultural Academy to provide health and wellbeing, education and training for the Aboriginal and wider community. They want to develop Noongar language, culture and arts programs, and programs that promote social cohesion.

We look forward to collaborating with Maar Koodjal on a number of projects and seeing them progress towards their goals for a vibrant community!