Water safety no obstacle for Workforce Solutions team

25 February 2021
Royal Life Saving WA’s Professional Lifeguard team, part of our Workforce Solutions unit, travelled to Donnybrook last October to provide water safety services at the popular True Grit obstacle course event.

The military-inspired course contained over 30 obstacles that were spread over 10km of hilly terrain around picturesque Donnybrook in WA’s South West. The course included a number of water-based obstacles along the way, and event organisers were keen to ensure a high level of water safety was maintained at all times.

The Slide obstacle at True Grit eventRoyal Life Saving WA’s Professional Lifeguard services were employed for the task. A lifeguard team was despatched to oversee the aquatic components of the course and provide assistance to course competitors if required.

Stationed at water obstacles such as ‘Swimmer Scout’ and ‘The Slide’, the lifeguards were fully prepared with surf rescue board, rescue tubes and standard lifeguard kit ready to perform a rescue or provide assistance to anyone experiencing difficulty in the water.

Swimmer Scout obstacle at True Grit eventSenior Manager Workforce Solutions Travis Doye said, “Our Professional Lifeguard team were proud to report that through their pre-event planning, ongoing engagement with event organisers and on-course interaction with participants there were zero rescues required.” 

This was the first time the Royal Life Saving WA team had been engaged for the event and organisers were extremely pleased with the service provided, to the point of considering increasing the aquatic components if hiring our team again. “The event organisers felt confident enough to look at including even more aquatic based obstacles in future events,” said Travis.

The Workforce Solutions Professional Lifeguard team aims to work with clients to ensure safe participation and activation of aquatic places – no matter what the setting. The service has seen Royal Life Saving WA lifeguards provide their services in settings from back yard pools for kid’s parties to sporting events on the Swan River, school swimming sessions at Rottnest and even at major events such as the Perth Skyworks.

To ensure your next water-related event or activity is safe, contact our Professional Lifeguard team at the link below!
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