Well-deserved awards for Workforce Solutions staff

7 January 2021

Royal Life Saving WA’s Workforce Solutions and Safety Services teams work hard all year to ensure aquatic centres and other water facilities are well staffed and run safely right across Western Australia. Two of these staff recently received awards as part of a special barefoot lawn bowls event at the Claremont Bowling Club.

Manager Travis Doye presenting an award to James BartonJames Barton and Cahles Lewis both received Service Awards for their contributions to the team, with each of them providing dedicated service to Royal Life Saving over the past couple of years.

James originally approached our Workforce Solutions department, asking if it was possible for him to be employed as a Lifeguard at Subiaco Primary School pool, one of the facilities where we provide aquatic staff each season. The team pondered James’ request for a while but initially determined he was too young to be given the responsibility of the role.

However, James was not to be discouraged and after relentlessly contacting our team they finally decided to take a chance by offering him the role. Two years later the chance has proven to be very much worth it, with James now a fully qualified Pool Operator and a valuable member of our team.

Cahles also started as a Lifeguard at Subiaco Primary School, after being referred to Royal Life Saving by a previous staff member. He now works right across the metro area servicing the water play sites we manage on behalf of local councils.

We are grateful for the effort both James and Cahles put into their work, day in and day out, and appreciate their dedication to Royal Life Saving WA.

You can find out more about the services provided by our Workforce Solutions and Safety Services teams at the link below.

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