Never too young to learn never to old to start

29 June 2015

The Grey Medallion Courses are specially designed to cater for those who are over 55, and are proving to be a success.

The Royal Life Saving Society Grey Medallion is a water safety and lifesaving skills program for older people, aiming to reduce drowning rates and encourage healthy, independent and active lifestyles.

The program endeavours to teach participants a range of personal survival techniques, provide them with skills to deal with an emergency situation and develop confidence and competence to enjoy aquatic exercise and other water-based activities safely.

The four main components of the program are:

  • Water Safety Knowledge
  • Resuscitation and Emergency Care
  • Aquatic Exercise
  • Personal Survival and Lifesaving Skills

For more information about the Grey Medallion and how you can get involved, please contact Royal Life Saving Society WA on (08) 9393 8200.