New Mermates emerge in the Pilbara

22 April 2021

Royal Life Saving WA’s Pilbara Development Officer, Lauren Thompson, recently took the message of our Be a Mermate campaign to a group of towns in the Pilbara region.

Lauren Thompson educating Pilbara residents about the Be a Mermate campaignCommencing April 13, Lauren spent three days visiting the various towns to discuss the key messages of the campaign and the importance of looking after your mates when drinking alcohol around water.

“I conducted a series of education sessions with locals and travellers who were visiting the Pilbara towns of Roebourne, Wickham and Point Samson,” said Lauren. In total, 57 people attended the sessions and learnt about what it takes to ‘Be a Mermate’.

The Mermate concept revolves around ‘luring your mates away from danger’ and features the hilarious and unforgettable imagery of modern-day mermen – typically hairy, bearded blokes complete with beer gut and sparkly mermaid tail.

Mermate poster“Participants enjoyed the Mermate concept and were more than happy to take home a promotional Mermate bag,” said Lauren. “Much discussion was held in relation to the importance of ‘looking out for your mates’.”

“A few locals felt they resembled the poster mermate and offered to become the replacement should we require their services for future photo shoots!”

Key messages of the Be a Mermate campaign include:

  • Be a good mate to someone thinking about swimming under the influence of alcohol: friends don’t let friends drive drunk so why let them swim under the influence?
  • Participate in aquatic activities BEFORE drinking: don’t enter the water after consuming alcohol
  • Alcohol and swimming don’t mix: drugs and alcohol impair your judgement and stop you thinking clearly, as well as affecting your reaction time, coordination and balance.
  • Be strong enough to say no to swimming when alcohol is consumed, and stand up for others facing peer pressure.


Learn more about the campaign at the link below:

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