New water safety app Something Eerie launches

27 August 2019

Royal Life Saving Australia has unveiled a new app to teach vital water safety skills to kids, called ‘Something Eerie’. The fun and educational app is aimed at children aged 8-12 years and can be played at home, at school or in the car on the way to swimming lessons!

Something Eerie follows a group of five friends who live in the town of Eerie Creek, and the adventures they get up to.

Meet the Eerie Creek characters:

character Hamish from Something Eerie appHamish is a positive and upbeat person and has lots of energy (as well as a cool haircut) – but he’s also very clumsy! He really wants to fit in with his group of friends, but will this prevent him from speaking up in a dangerous situation?

character Jasper from Something Eerie appJasper loves a good mystery and is into all things supernatural. There are plenty of myths surrounding the town of Eerie Creek and Jasper would be the first to tell you they’re all true! He’s the biggest danger to himself though, being obsessed with his appearance can get him into trouble in certain situations.

character Sasha from Something Eerie appSasha is the smartest of the group and the most responsible. She looks out for her friends and will often remind them about the consequences of their actions. Sasha does have lapses in her judgement, however, which could lead her to make poor decisions!

character Mooch from Something Eerie appMooch doesn’t go anywhere without Max, his pet guinea pig. Mooch is a lovable character but can be a bit silly and make thoughtless decisions at times. His friends need to be careful that his reckless behaviour doesn’t put them all in danger…

character Ruby from Something Eerie appRuby has recently moved to Eerie Creek and has found something in the attic of her new house, sparking her quest to solve the mystery! Can Ruby and her new friends keep out of trouble in their adventures?

Download the app and find out!

Available now through the Apple Store and Google Play.

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