Pelican Point Sea Scouts Revisit River Skills

30 April 2018

The Pelican Point Sea Scouts recently undertook a River Requalification Course, the last of the season before the winter chill hits.

Eight keen participants were upskilled by a combined team from Royal Life Saving WA and the Department of Parks and Wildlife, learning the ‘Swan River Catchment Model’, which teaches participants the importance of understanding how waterways work and how to keep them safe for swimming.

The Sea Scouts braved the Autumnal temperature to requalify in an area in great need of more awareness and lifesaving skills. Australian rivers have claimed more than 1000 lives due to drowning in the past 15 years and 89 people have drowned in rivers, creeks and streams in WA alone.

Following a fun day of brushing up on vital lifesaving skills, the Sea Scouts are now equipped to promote awareness of what dangers lie within inland waterways and what to do if life-threatening emergencies occur.

They are requalified heroes, championing the four River Safety Tips: Never Swim Alone, Avoid Alcohol Around Water, Wear a Lifejacket and Learn Lifesaving Skills.

The Sea Scouts, Royal Life Saving WA and the Department of Parks and Wildlife ask the inland water loving community to ensure children and adults alike know how to safely enjoy rivers, lakes and dams and how to help someone out if needed - encouraging safe aquatic recreation coming into the cooler months.

For more information on our Respect The River program please click the link below.

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