Servite teachers ready to rescue

21 December 2017
The students of Servite College can be confident knowing their teachers are fully qualified in aquatic environments.

Servite teachers practising rescue skills during their training at Royal Life Saving WAFor the 10th year in a row, Servite participated in Royal Life Saving WA’s School Teacher Aquatic Rescue Training (START), which equips teachers with rescue and survival skill techniques.

Taking place at both Royal Life Saving WA’s outdoor pool and nearby City Beach, START provides teachers with skills to use at a range of different aquatic environments.

“We find it very important to make sure our staff are qualified when taking to students to an aquatic environment,” Servite’s head of physical education Brett Dayman says. “Many of our camps involve water and the students love being able to cool off and participate in water-based activities.”

The activities that the Servite staff supervise range from very structured carnivals, camps and snorkelling excursions through to free time and reward activities on year-level camps.

“As a head of learning, the training provides peace of mind knowing that the staff taking students on camps and excursions are qualified and know how to handle emergency situations and are capable of rescuing participants if required.

“It is very beneficial to have the START qualification as it prepares you for both open and closed water environments. It broadens the types of activities you can offer to students.”

Brett recommends the START program to all teachers: “The instructors are very knowledgeable and are very clear on the dangers of water-based activities, but also understand that staff have differing abilities and work with individuals to ensure they meet the required standards of completing the course, knowing that they have signed off individuals as being competent.”

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