2018 Bravery Awards - Bayswater Waves Aquatic Centre Lifeguards

6 November 2018

Three lifeguards from Bayswater Waves Aquatic Centre received recognition at our recent Royal Life Saving Bravery Awards, for saving a young girl's life. Lifeguards Sateki A’Vard, Charlotte Saxon and Chris Bulgin received a Gold Star Bravery Award for their quick actions in responding to the girl who was spotted underwater and unconscious.

In February this year the 12-year-old girl had been swimming at the Bayswater Waves Aquatic Centre when she got into trouble in the Wave Pool and ended up underwater.

Lifeguard Sateki was the first responder, getting her out of the water with assistance from a member of the public, and starting the DRSABCD procedure. The girl was unconscious and not breathing.

Charlotte was the second Lifeguard on the scene and administered rescue breaths while Sateki completed CPR chest compressions. Chris also arrived at the scene and applied the defibrillator and oxygen.

The girl opened her eyes after the second round of CPR and Charlotte asked her to squeeze her hand if she could hear her. The girl squeezed Charlotte's hand and the two lifeguards rolled her into the recovery position - monitoring her until the emergency services arrived.

The girl spent a period of time in intensive care, and doctors have credited the quick response from the lifeguards for saving her life. The Royals are very grateful that in both incidents the outcome was successful and congratulate the team on amazing lifesaving efforts and well-deserved awards.

If you would like to nominate someone for next year’s Bravery Awards, please click on the following link.

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