2018 Bravery Awards - Cycling Lifesavers

9 November 2018
Royal Life Saving WA recently commended 45 brave life savers at the 2018 Bravery Awards, four of whom were Tom Pawikowski, Magnus Rudisele, David Thompson and Marty Calley. These four men received a Gold Medallion each for their efforts in rescuing a friend who suffered a heart attack during their regular bike ride.

At around 7am on Easter Saturday this year 56-year-old Paul Humphreys was enjoying a bike ride with his cycling group on Alexander Drive in Landsdale, when he suffered a heart attack. Thankfully his cycling group had stopped at the side of the road to repair a punctured tyre when Paul's heart attack struck, with no warning signs.

Magnus, Tom and Marty, who are also members of the group, came to his aid, rolling him onto his back and commencing CPR. Another rider, David, came to assist in performing CPR, while Wanda, another group member, saw a St John Ambulance depot nearby and went to get assistance.

Magnus, Tom, Marty and David had all previously completed CPR training, which was crucial in saving Paul's life!

Paul received medical assistance from paramedics, who provided five shocks from a defibrillator to restart his heart before taking him to hospital. Paul underwent surgery to put a stent in one of his arteries and has since made a full recovery.

The Royal Life Saving Society WA congratulates and commends the four life savers for their quick thinking and lifesaving skills.

If you would like to nominate someone for next year’s Bravery Awards, please click on the following link.

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