2018 Bravery Awards - Emma Mercuri

6 November 2018
Young lifeguard Emma Mercuri was among 45 people to received an award at our recent Royal Life Saving Bravery Awards. Emma received a Gold Medallion for her efforts in assisting a drowning boy while on holiday in Bali, saving his life.

In July of this year Emma was spending a day at Waterbomb Park in Bali with friends, while taking a well deserved holiday.

They were all playing volleyball in the pool when Emma noticed a boy wandering around and wondered where his parents were. They continued to play, and then one of the friends felt what he thought was going to be the ball under the water, and pulled up the little boy who was blue and lifeless.

Emma remarks, "Reflecting on the whole ordeal, it seemed like an out of body experience, my life saving instincts kicked into gear and I leapt into action."

Emma’s friend brought the boy to the side of the pool as the others called for the lifeguards. Emma, who works as a lifeguard at Wanneroo Aquamotion and Bilgoman Pool, grabbed the little boy and commenced CPR. After what seemed like a lifetime, the boy coughed up water and regained consciousness. Emma placed him on his side in the recovery position and waited for the lifeguards to arrive.

The Lifeguards attended to the boy and were able to eventually locate his parents and ensure that he was okay.

Emma has some sound advice for others who find themselves in an emergency situation. "Think quickly, remain calm, refer to your training and rely on your skills!"

The Royal Life Saving Society WA commends Emma for her quick thinking and skilled approach to saving a life and congratulates her on her Gold Medallion Bravery Award.

If you would like to nominate someone for next year’s Bravery Awards, please click on the following link.

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