2018 Bravery Awards - Nathan Miller

6 November 2018
Leisurepark Balga Lifeguard Nathan Miller was among the 45 Western Australians to receive an award at our recent 2018 Royal Life Saving Bravery Awards. Nathan was awarded a Gold Medallion for his efforts in assisting saving the life of a member of the public.

In November last year, during a break while working as a lifeguard at Leisurepark Balga, Nathan made a trip to the local 7/11 store to get refreshments for the other lifeguards on duty. He was about to enter the store when a man called for him to help the passenger in his car. Nathan assessed the situation and noticed that the man was unconscious and not breathing and had a needle next to him.

Nathan immediately called for an ambulance, providing all the relevant information and directions to their location. Meanwhile the other man pulled the victim out of the car, and while Nathan remained on the phone to the triple zero operator he commenced CPR compressions while instructing the other man on how to do the rescue breaths.

Nathan then coordinated two bystanders to help, sending them to the Aquatic Centre to ask for the defibrillator. Thomas Bruins had just finished his Pool Supervisor shift and took the defibrillator to assist Nathan. The pair worked on the casualty until paramedics arrived.

The Royal Life Saving Society WA commends Nathan for his quick thinking and skilled approach to saving a life and congratulates him on his Gold Medallion Bravery Award.

If you would like to nominate someone for next year’s Bravery Awards, please click on the following link.

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