A day of learning and recognising achievements for our aquatic trainers

6 April 2022
On Saturday 2nd April, 16 aquatic trainers attended Royal Life Saving WA’s metro Aquatic Professional Development Session at the Claremont Pool where trainers spent the morning in the pool learning the criteria for the Bronze Medallion assessment, followed by an awards ceremony to recognise some of the extraordinary efforts of our aquatic trainers. 

search and rescue activity at aquatic trainer pd sessionThe trainers started the session with assessor Leanne Coverley-Brandis who shared a presentation on completing CPR and first aid as a COVID-safe procedure. Participants practiced a COVID-style resuscitation with various training equipment including manikins, masks, a first aid pack, and gloves. 

The presentation was shortly followed by a wet workshop from Sallie Watson called ‘show us what you see and interpret’, where participants were presented with a range of water techniques for handling a variety of situations. The trainers were challenged to real-life scenarios during this session, practicing different forms of search patterns and rescuing casualties from the pool. 

As part of Royal Life Saving WA's commitment to creating safer aquatic spaces and a community focus, training and professional development sessions provide aquatic trainers with the opportunity to update and develop their current skills with a specific focus on the Bronze Medallion assessment. With the various waterways and aquatic spaces that exist across Australia, the different spinal procedures taught to participants prepared them for the many water conditions that can be encountered.

Aquatic trainers in the water at Claremont Pool for a PD sessionThe development session ended with the recognition of two aquatic trainers who have made significant strides in the aquatic industry. Presented on behalf of the Royal Life Saving WA Board of Directors, Ian Bower and Pamela Vincent were respectively presented with the WA Long Service and the Outstanding Service Order. 

Ian began his Bronze journey in Esperance, using the skills he acquired many times to support those in the ocean surrounding Esperance. In 2011, he became a Royal life Saving WA Bronze Examiner, followed by a First Aid Trainer in 2017, where he has continued to deliver essential Bronze Medallion, CPR and Provide First Aid training to students and staff members at Quinn's Baptist College.

Pamela, Supervisor at the City of Gosnells' Leisure World Swim School, began her training journey six years prior to becoming a Royal Life Saving WA Bronze Examiner in 2003, starting as an accredited Swim Coach and Swim Teacher at the Swim School. She has since gone on to be qualified in a range of diverse areas, including multicultural programs, adults only classes and access and inclusion programs, providing teaching and training to a range of community members during her more than 15 years of commitment to training in the aquatic industry. 

The Professional Development Session was a day of refreshing lifesaving skills to prepare our aquatic trainers for teaching the future community lifesavers and recognising those whose continued service has already provided essential lifesaving skills to so many.