Bravery Awards 2018 - Dan Holman and Marie MacDonald

5 October 2018

In April 2017, motorcyclist Zac was travelling southbound on the Mitchell Freeway near Edgewater, when he was sideswiped by a van, flung over the handlebars and knocked off his motorbike in peak hour traffic.

Dan and Marie had been separately driving on the freeway and witnessed the accident. Dan was the first to stop and arrive at Zac’s side, dragging him off the busy freeway to the safety of the emergency stopping lane where he began to perform CPR. Marie arrived next and told Dan that it was best to leave Zac’s helmet on. Marie then held Zac’s head to keep it stable as he began to suffer seizures.

‘The incident really hit home for me as my best mate was killed in similar circumstances 18 months earlier. I’m a former police officer so it’s not the first time I’ve been in an incident like this, that said, when Zac flew off his motorbike right by my car I was shocked - but that didn’t stop me from launching into action.’

Paramedics arrived, and Zac was transported to hospital. He had significant injuries but miraculously survived thanks largely to the efforts of Dan and Marie who came to his aid.

Zac sustained a badly fractured skull and jaw, a severe fracture at the C1 Vertebra, Fractures from T2 to T12, a badly lacerated forearm and swelling on the brain. Although Zac has recovered extremely well so far, he still has a little way to go yet. His survival is credited to the fast and effective actions of Dan and Marie.

Dan believes having a first aid kit in your car at all times is paramount to assist in saving a life. He remarks, ‘We usually have a first aid kit in the car, but for whatever reasons that day we had taken it out. My advice to others would be: make sure you always have a first aid kit and face shield in your car. We now ensure everyone at work has a first aid kit in their work vehicles.’

The Royal Life Saving Society WA commends both Dan and Marie and congratulate them on winning the Gold Medallion Bravery Award.

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