Trainers dive into Bronze Medallion Workshop

18 November 2020
aquatic trainers wearing lifejackets in a pool as part of a training exerciseA group of aquatic trainers were recently put through their paces at the Royal Life Saving Bronze Medallion Wet Workshop – it was professional development like you’ve never seen it!

The workshop was held on Thursday 12th November at Churchlands pool, with 36 aquatic trainers in attendance. Divided into three groups, the trainers rotated through three sessions, taking the opportunity to practise and share tips and tricks in the essential components of the Bronze Medallion course.

aquatic trainers practising a spinal rescueRoyal Life Saving WA assessors Leanne Coverley-Brandis, Isabel Franzoni and Sallie Watson each spear-headed one of the three sessions, focusing on different areas of expertise. Leanne took the trainers through swimmer assessment; Isabel covered tows, defensive techniques and entries and exits; while Sallie led the groups in spinals, scenarios and initiatives ‘with a twist’.

Rene Bailey, Elizabeth Bailiff, Pollyann Huntington and Gregory Smith with their awardsAfter the trainers had towelled off, awards were presented to four trainers in recognition of their achievements with Royal Life Saving WA.

Rene Bailey, who has been delivering Bronze Medallion and Resuscitation courses in Perth since 2009, received a Western Australia Service Order.

Greg Smith, of Mercedes College, also received a Western Australia Service Order for his work in delivering Bronze Medallion courses in schools.

Elizabeth Bailiff was awarded the Western Australia Meritorious Service Order for her commitment and more than 10 years of delivering Bronze Medallion and Resuscitation awards for schools and the community around Perth.

Pollyann Huntington, who first obtained her Bronze Medallion in 1997, was awarded the Western Australia Long Service Order. Pollyann became an examiner in 2010, delivering Bronze Medallion and Resuscitation awards, as well as being a VacSwim Instructor in the metro area.

Congratulations to these deserving award recipients and well done to all who attended the Wet Workshop!