Water safety for WA Day celebrations

8 June 2021
The 2021 WA Day long weekend saw thousands of people attend the WA Day Festival on Sunday 6th and Monday 7th June. Located along a section of the Burswood Park foreshore, the event – which included amusement rides, an inflatable playground, food trucks and entertainment – required the services of qualified aquatic staff to ensure the water safety of patrons at the riverside venue.

A team of lifeguards supplied by Royal Life Saving WA’s Workforce Solutions unit provided patrol services and water surveillance at the event to ensure festivalgoers were kept safe around the river. Lifeguards Adam Whale, Jamie Barton, Luciana Rabl, Jake Manning, Brent Walters and Simone Shandley-Jones worked the two-day event together with shift officers Cheyne Landy and Reilly Ettridge who coordinated the team.

The Royal Life Saving WA team provided roaming surveillance at the event, patrolling the event area along the Burswood Park foreshore, and supervising the waterway. They observed event patrons and were there to provide aid or assistance if required. All lifeguards are fully trained as first aid providers, enabling the team to work in conjunction with the First Aid Services at the event.

The lifeguards used two-way radios to communicate with event coordinators and security services, ensuring thorough surveillance and swift communication channels with other event personnel. In full lifeguard uniform, the team provided a strong, highly visible, and reassuring presence at the busy event. 

Our team were pleased to report that no major incidents occurred over the two-day festival. All those who attended were able to enjoy the event safely and had a great time! You can learn more about the water safety services we offer for events at the link below.

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