Called to action at an emergency scene

28 October 2016

Many people who learn first aid and CPR skills never really believe they’ll need to use them in a real life scenario. But each and every day community lifesavers around the world are called on to provide emergency assistance at the scene of accidents they never thought they’d witness.

The evening of April 4 this year was just like that for Chris Girando. Chris slowly drove by a scene in Russell Street Morley, where he noticed a group of onlookers standing at the scene of a crash.

A bus had collided with a moped, and the moped’s driver was on the ground seriously injured.

Chris, who had completed first aid and CPR training through Royal Life Saving Society WA, noticed that the 4 people standing around the victim were doing nothing to assist him. “I thought I should stop to help… I began CPR and instructed others to check for injuries or keep his head aligned as we rolled over the victim. I certainly felt I knew what I was doing and that I had the skill set to administer effective first aid.”

“6 minutes of CPR later and covered in blood I was reminded a life can end in the blink of an eye.” Sadly the 45 year old victim’s injuries were too great and the man passed away. But Chris had given him that vital chance to survive until emergency services arrived at the scene.

For his bravery in attempting to resuscitate this man Chris was awarded a Gold Medallion at the recent Royal Life Saving Society WA Bravery Awards.

For Chris the recognition was an honour, but completely unexpected. “I recognise that there are many people out there just willing to give up their time to put themselves out to help others in need… I was just doing my little part,” he said.

The event itself has also caused Chris to become a passionate advocate of the message that everyone should learn first aid. “Life is too precious. If you have ever thought about doing a first aid course – just do it. I am thankful for every Annie dummy I got to practice on and every trainer who taught me… I would like pass on my thanks to my past instructors at Royal Life Saving.”

If you have never learned First Aid or CPR and would like to ensure you have the skills to assist in an emergency situation please click the link below. Research shows that a majority of the time the person you use those skills on will be someone you know; a child, spouse, family member or friend.