Pool lifesaving season opens with a splash

4 May 2021

A girl wearing a yellow swim cap pulling a rescue ropeWhat a weekend it was at HBF Stadium, with our official Pool Lifesaving Season Opener session held in conjunction with West Life Saving on Sunday 2nd May. The session saw a huge turnout of 183 participants who carried, towed and threw their way through this fun and educational afternoon.Kids gathered with their coach by the pool

The coaches included Surf Life Saving coach of the year and WA State Pool Lifesaving Team Coach Andrew Ridley, World Record Holder and Australian team member Jake Smith, Australian Representative Harrison Hynes, World Record holder Adam Moore and other Australian high performance athletes. The event was open to everyone ages 9 years and up, with sessions split into Juniors, aged 9–12, and Seniors for age 13 plus.

The juniors received coaching in the areas of brick carry, line thrown and obstacles, while for the seniors the focus areas were line throw, obstacles, manikin carry and towing - using both each other and manikins.

A child wearing a swim cap pulling an orange manikin with a rescue tube

Coach Andrew Ridley says the aim of the event was to engage more young swimmers in the exciting and fun sport of pool lifesaving, "Following a year where many aquatic sports have been impacted by COVID-19 the Season Opener provided an opportunity to not only introduce new members to the sport, but also to re-engage our members. To have more than 180 athletes aged 9–60 years attend a come-and-try style coaching event shows there is certainly an interest in the sport."

Royal Life Saving WA provides many opportunities to get involved in pool lifesaving throughout the year with development sessions that even lead to opportunities to qualify for the WA State Team! Andrew says the opportunities are endless! "Events like this, and others held throughout the year provide a fantastic opportunity for future lifesavers to work with the WA high performance athletes. The sport of life saving provides both a participation and high performance pathway for members of Swimming Clubs, Royal Life Saving Clubs and Surf Life Saving Clubs.

A woman wearing a pink swim cap in the water

Those aged 12 and under can join various junior lifeguard clubs across metro and regional WA, which are a part of Royal Life Saving WA, while those aged 13+ can participate at the lifesaving club level which goes on to compete nationally and internationally.

If you’d like to know more about the sport of pool lifesaving click the link below and register your interest in upcoming events!

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