Primary school students enjoy lifesaving at carnivals

4 May 2021
Students from St Paul’s Primary School in Mount Lawley and St John’s Primary School in Scarborough have enjoyed a taste of lifesaving action at their school swimming carnivals this year.

primary school students participating in a PFD relayThe schools have partnered with Royal Life Saving WA for the past two years to add a lifesaving element to their swimming carnivals. Royal Life Saving WA sent swimming and lifesaving instructor Tiahn to help out at each of the carnivals in March this year. 

Tiahn provided guidance to the students and helped with the demonstration and supervision of the lifesaving activities. Lifesaving events included a line-throw relay and PFD relay where students had to be able to put on a PFD in the water.

St John's Primary School students in a PFD swimming relaySt Paul’s had their carnival on 8th March at Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre, and the St John’s carnival was held on 11th March at the Frank Ehlers Swimming Pool at Newman College.

Physical Education Teacher Ciaran Sanders, who works at both primary schools and organised the swimming carnivals, is a qualified lifesaver himself and strongly advocates that his students get involved in the sport.

“It has been fantastic to have Royal Life Saving WA involved in our school swimming carnivals for the past two years,” said Ciaran. “As a teacher, it is very beneficial to have another qualified lifesaver on deck as extra support. The activities provide excellent opportunities for inclusivity, opening discussions about lifesaving skills while also allowing students to thoroughly enjoy participating in the water.”

If you’d like to learn more about adding pool lifesaving to your next school swimming event, please follow the link below.
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