Scouts make time to Swim and Survive

20 December 2016

Royal Life Saving Society WA is pleased to have started a unique partnership with Scouts WA to help ensure young people have an opportunity to learn swimming and lifesaving skills through our Bronze Medallion program.

Last weekend 16 Scouts members took part in a Bronze Medallion course at Scouts WA’s Mandejal Activity Centre in Byford, with 11 going home having successfully obtained their Bronze Medallion qualification.

The Mandejal Activity Centre is regularly utilised by Scouts WA's members who take part in canoe courses and challenges in the open water lakes and creeks, which means it’s vital the Scouts have Bronze Medallion skills in order to safely participate in activities here.image of a Scouts member practising CPR on a manikin by the river

This was the first time a Bronze Medallion course has been held at the Centre’s Lake Jones.

The 16 participants worked well together and showed great team morale and spirit in helping each other through all aspects of the course, including the 400m swim!

Some participants had been through similar course before, but recognised the importance of requalifying and continually refreshing the all-important CPR and rescue courses. The feedback received from all participants was fantastic, as they all recognized the importance of completing the course, and all went away having learnt something new!

Scouts WA is once again partnership with Royal Life Saving Society WA to offer further courses in the New Year, and is encouraging its members to take part as the Bronze Medallion clearly compliments the river and lake based activities enjoyed by Scouts members throughout the year.

Courses will be held at Mandejal Activity Centre Byford on the 11th and 12th February 2017, and at Leschenault Inlet Bunbury on the 18th and 19th February 2017. All Scouts aged 14 and over are welcome to attend.

The program is part of Royal Life Saving's Respect the River campaign, funded by the Federal Government, which aims to raise awareness of the many hazards that underlie our rivers, lakes and streams.

You can enrol for these programs at the link below, and also find out about other Swim and Survive on the Swan events coming up across the summer months.