Six-year-old rises to the occasion to receive Bravery Award

6 December 2019

You’re never too young to snap into action as 6-year-old Mackenzie has shown us.  

Six year old Mackenzie Summers with her bravery award

Mackenzie and her grandmother Dawn were in an underground carpark in September last year, when the lights of the carpark went out. Dawn fell on a curb, breaking both her hip and arm. The pair had been in the carpark to accept delivery of a new car, and the representative who was handling the car began to panic when Dawn was injured - so Mackenzie took charge! 

She calmed him down, directed him outside to call 000 for help, as there was no mobile phone reception in the garage, and provided him with all the information he needed for the operator.  

Dawn was in severe pain, so Mackenzie slid her legs under her grandmother’s head and ensured she was as comfortable as possible. As they waited for the ambulance Mackenzie stroked her grandmother’s head and constantly reassured her that it would be okay. She also phoned her mother to come and assist. Dawn was eventually taken to hospital for surgery and is recovering from her injuries.   

Mackenzie’s mother, Andrea Summers, attributes her quick thinking to Mackenzie being taught “from 2 ½ to know our phone number, our name and our addresses.” She also knew the address and cross street to her grandmother’s house.

In a dark and isolated environment, Mackenzie was able to think clearly and remain calm to support her grandmother. Dawn feels that Mackenzie kept her awake and hopeful throughout the ordeal.
She demonstrated composure beyond her years and has justly been awarded the Gold Star Bravery Award.