Trinity College leads the way in lifesaving

30 November 2015
During November students in Years 4-9 at Trinity College learned vital lifesaving skills.

Trinity was selected as the pilot school for Royal Life Saving Society WA's Pool Lifesaving Program, with students receiving training in the skills needed to rescue anyone who needs assistance in a pool environment.

The classes were conducted in Trinity's 50m pool, where students worked with rescue tubes, throw ropes, manikins, obstacles and fins.

Trinity College Head of Aquatics, Mr Dion Mepham says the students thoroughly enjoyed the program. He was more than happy to introduce pool lifesaving as part of the school's regular swimming curriculum because it's such a vital skill; "Many children are exposed to emergency situations without any training, and the ability for them to be able to open an airway, release someone from a face down position, or bring someone safely to dry land could make the difference in saving a life."

The sport of pool lifesaving tests skills in rescue, accident prevention and emergency care, while building confidence and teaching teamwork within a fun program.

Trent Hotchkin, Swimming & Water Safety Education Manager from Royal Life Saving Society WA says "Whilst we ensure the program activities are great fun and offer new experiences for the children, they also have a serious outcome of educating the children in essential lifesaving skills that may one day save a life. The program also provides a pathway from grass roots to elite for those that would like to continue down the competitive path of pool lifesaving."

Competitions in pool lifesaving are conducted at club/school, state, interstate and international levels. Competing allows participants to aspire to being a member of the Junior Barras (under 16 Australian Team), Silver Barras (under 19 Australian Team) or the Aussie Barras (Open Australian Team).

The Royal Life Saving Society WA encourages other schools to consider introducing pool lifesaving as part of their swimming and sports curriculum, and is happy to provide equipment and support