Warmun kids learn lifesaving skills in new Junior Lifeguard Club

27 October 2021
Warmun JLC members practising an assisted liftThe Warmun Junior Lifeguard Club (WJLC) made its debut last weekend, with 15 children from the remote Kimberley community participating in the club’s first session!

Junior Lifeguard Clubs are an initiative of Royal Life Saving, offering a unique program for children to further develop their swimming skills as well as learn new and challenging lifesaving skills.

The first session was held on Saturday 23rd October at the Warmun Community Pool, which is managed by Royal Life Saving WA’s Stephen Waterman and his wife Aisyah as part of the Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pool Program. Children aged from 9 to 13 took part in the hour-long session which included CPR, assisted lifts, and reach and throw rescues using pool noodles, lifeguard tubes, kickboards and rope.

Two Warmun girls practising CPR on a manikin“Aisyah and I wanted to build on the survival and rescue skills the kids learn in swimming lessons,” said Steve. “We believe these skills are just as important as learning swimming strokes; we will be incorporating first aid skills into the sessions as well.”

The kids rounded out the session with a scenario that incorporated all the skills they had learnt. “In groups of three, one was the casualty and the other two had to work together to bring their casualty to the edge of the pool and use the WA assisted lift to get them out. They then checked Airway, Breathing and performed CPR compressions on a manikin,” said Steve.

Vincent Ramsay and Stephen Waterman at the Warmun Pool“We picked a Team Leader for the session who assisted us with demonstrations and helping other members. The team leader was Vincent [pictured with Steve, right], who showed not only fantastic rescue and CPR skills but also great leadership. The kids had a great time and showed off their skills they have been learning over the last season.”

Steve says the WJLC will be held every Saturday, with the pool opening an hour earlier specifically for Lifeguard Club members. “We are looking forward to a great first season of the WJLC and are looking into having the kids design a shirt for the team!”

Learn more about the Junior Lifeguard Club program, and club locations across the state, at the link below.
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