Yandeyarra children learn vital survival skills

22 November 2016

A group of children at the remote aboriginal community of Yandeyarra recently recently had an opportunity to learn vital survival skills as part of their Swim and Survive lessons.image of an Aboriginal girl wearing a lifejacket in the water and smiling at the camera

It was the last day of the Swim and Survive classes for the Junior Primary students at our remote aboriginal swimming pool in Yandeyarra, and the group of children aged 5 – 8 years had a lot of fun doing a session in which they practiced lifejacket use, and recovery from a boat capsize.

Jacqui Forbes, the remote aboriginal swimming pool manager at Yandeyarra, says “We did a fun boat session and the kids all had an opportunity to wear lifejackets. We then created a mini storm and they fell out of the boats before practicing their survival backstroke to reach safety.”

These skills are vital in remote WA where many families like to spend time in the rivers, and where the conditions during the wet season can be extremely unpredictable.

Jacqui says the session was really enjoyable for all the kids involved. “For most of these kids it is the first time they have ever worn a lifejacket, so it was quite an exciting time bobbing about, blowing the help whistle and being rescued."

You can learn more about our Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pool Project at the link below.