A role model for young people in the Goldfields

7 November 2019

If you’re looking for an example of a young Western Australian with a real desire to achieve, Bree Bugeja is the young woman you’re looking for! Since applying for a traineeship with the Goldfields Oasis Leisure Centre this year she has completed a list of qualifications as long as her arm!

Bree is a 17-year-old Aboriginal woman from Kalgoorlie who quickly caught the eye of our Royal Life Saving Talent Pool team. They could see her potential as a great role model for other young people in her community.

Bree Bugeja standing with back to the camera with arms in muscle pose, showing off her Talent Pool t-shirtBree says when she first thought to approach the Goldfields Oasis to begin training she didn’t know exactly how far it would take her! “I just did my Bronze Medallion because I wanted to work as a Bronze Lifeguard over the summer. But then I applied for a full-time traineeship at the centre and was accepted so I got to work as a Bronze Lifeguard along with every other area including gym, reception, member admin and the creche area. Since I’ve been at the Oasis I’ve completed my Bronze Medallion, Lifeguard course, Certificate III in Fitness, Metafit and Metapower courses and hopefully I’m going to get my Certificate IV in Fitness so I will be a Personal Trainer. I’m also going to do my Aquatic Trainer qualification, Pool Operations course and a Diploma in Remedial Massage.”

With such a desire to learn and excitement for the future Royal Life Saving WA Senior Manager Workforce Solutions, Travis Doye, says Bree is an ideal candidate to join the Talent Pool team. “Bree’s traineeship finishes in January and we want her to complete the Aquatic Trainers course with us. We’re working on expanding the Talent Pool program so that Bree becomes an employee of ours in the Goldfields who can deliver the Bronze Medallion training for local people there. This way we can add to the Talent Pool activities for young people in the Goldfields.”

Bree says there is quite an obvious gender imbalance within the lifeguarding staff in Kalgoorlie, with only three females lifeguards currently on staff. Travis believes that Bree’s involvement with Talent Pool will help to change this. "We look forward to seeing Bree get involved in recruiting new local young people in the Goldfields for the Talent Pool program. One of our first challenges is to recruit more young women around Kalgoorlie who are keen to complete their qualifications to work in aquatics. We see Bree as a real role model for that, particularly for young Aboriginal people, and are confident she will be very successful.”

Aquatics and fitness aren’t Bree’s only passions. This week she is in Brisbane playing as goalkeeper for WA at the National Indigenous Football Championships. We wish Bree all the best in the competition and look forward to all that is in store for her as she continues her Talent Pool journey!

You can find out more about the Talent Pool program and how you can get involved at the link below.

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