Better Outcomes for Remote Aboriginal Communities

The Problem

Aboriginal Australians are over-represented in drowning statistics. Looking specifically at WA's Pilbara region there has been a 29% increase in the number of drowning deaths over the past decade, with males, toddlers and young people aged 15-24 at greatest risk, while Aboriginal Australians are twice as likely to drown as non-Aboriginal Australians.

Our Solution

Royal Life Saving is proud to support remote Aboriginal communities to pursue a lifestyle that maintains their traditional culture while encompassing components of modern society. Our swimming pools are not just about being physically active; they are a place where educational, health, well-being and social cohesion outcomes are achieved.

We refer to the pools as ‘Cool Pools’, a recognition that social capital comes from activities built from the bottom up through grassroots opportunities which appeal to local motivations and interests.

Where we are

A map of WA with Royal Life Saving locations marked


A group of people gathered at the Pilbara Forum

Pilbara Water Safety Forum

In 2019 Royal Life Saving WA held its inaugural Pilbara Water Safety Forum, to explore strategies to address drowning in the region.

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Pool Manager Aaron Jacobs with Burringurrah children holding their Swim & Survive certificates

Burringurrah Swim and Survive

Children have learnt vital swimming and water safety skills through our remote Aboriginal swimming pool at Burringurrah.

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