Promoting Safe Participation and Behaviours

Royal Life Saving has developed a range of innovative safety messages to reach key audiences. In 2019/20 we made it easier for people to access this vital information by incorporating interactive content including videos, how-to information, news and interviews.

We have broadened the range of channels (media, digital, face-to-face) in order to reach our target audiences and built specific programs to:

  • Motivate multicultural communities to enrol in swimming lessons.
  • Improve parental supervision at public pools.
  • Increase the adoption of lifejacket use.
  • Reduce the number of alcohol-related drowning deaths and injuries.
  • Influence the perceptions and behaviours of people aged over 65.

Targeted Awareness Campaigns included:

Highlights from 2019/20

Safe participation statistics table


A man dressed as a mermaid by the river

Royal Life Saving WA has launched a new campaign encouraging young people to ‘Be A Mermate’, luring their friends away from danger and towards safety when around the water.

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Multicultural Steering Committee

Multicultural Steering Committee members

Royal Life Saving WA works with its Multicultural Steering Committee to develop and deliver swimming, water safety and drowning prevention programs for WA’s multicultural communities.

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