The Royal Life Saving Society WA have conducted a diverse range of marketing and fundraising programs over the past nine years using the in-house resources of Hello and it's team of marketing and fundraising professionals.

Royal Life Saving Award Winning Projects 

AMI Awards

The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) is the national association for professional marketing.  Each year the AMI recognises marketing achievements through their annual AMI Awards for Marketing Excellence.

  • 2008 Social Marketing - Warren Blackwood Call Centre Project
  • 2008 Corporate Social Responsibility - Warren Blackwood Call Centre Project
  • 2009 Social Marketing - KEEP Watch
  • 2010 Social Marketing - Great Australia Day Duck Pluck 2010
  • 2014 Social Marketing - Quackers

FIA Awards

The Fundraising Institute of Australia is the national association for fundraising professionals.  Each year the FIA recognises fundraising achievements through their annual FIA Excellence in Fundraising Awards.

  • 2011 Special Events - Great Australia Day Duck Pluck 2010
  • 2013 Acquisition - Community Fundraising
  • 2014 Acquisition over $5m - Community Fundraising
  • 2016 Donor Acquisition over $5m – Royalty VIP Club

Award Winning Customer Projects

HELLO and its marketing team have also conducted a number of marketing and fundraising campaigns for its charity partners that have resulted in being nominated and recognised for their excellence.  The following awards were for projects conducted and delivered by HELLO and Royal Life Saving Society WA.

AMI Awards

  • 2007 Social Marketing - SIDS WA Brand Re-vitalisation
  • 2011 Brand Extension - CLCRF Community Fundraising

FIA Awards

  • 2010 Budget Renewal - CLCRF Raffle Program
  • 2011 Acquisition - CLCRF Community Fundraising
  • 2012 Acquisition - CLCRF Community Fundraising
  • 2013 Acquisition - SIDS WA Donor Acquisition