Data Management

Effective database management is the cornerstone of making your customer/supporter database a strategic asset.

Many organisations have a myriad of databases and lists of supporters or clients but often in different systems or programs. This creates a challenge when implementing a direct marketing campaign to ensure the best data is used and money is not wasted on poor data.

Database Merging & Consolidation

The creation of a single database of clients/supporters can be extremely beneficial to achieving full value from your client database.  Hello can assist by:

  • Multi-format database merging
  • Single database structure creation and data population
  • Data entry
  • Uploading into accounting and customer management systems

Database Cleansing

A quick and efficient method of improving the quality of your dataset is database cleansing.  Hello can assist by:

  • Consistent formatting of names, addresses and phone numbers
  • Removal of duplicate records
  • Bar-coding of addresses
  • Telephone number cleaning
  • Active cleansing.

Direct Mailing & Telemarketing

An effective database can be the difference between achieving a successful direct mail campaign or not. Hello can assist by:

  • Active cleansing
  • Preparation of data for 3rd party use
  • Campaign management of database for marketing or fundraising programs

Analysis & Reporting

Hello can assist with the analysis of your current databases and provide advice on how to optimise your data for your charitable purposes.

Hello can also assist the development of database structures that will provide the reporting environment required to make sound decisions.