Established in 2002, Hello was created to in-source key marketing and member services activities better improve its service to the WA community.  Having developed specialised skills and resources, RLSSWA has now made these services available to other charities and organisations across Australia.

Hello provide a comprehensive range of inbound customer services for charities, small business and large corporations alike. All marketing services are provided to other charities on a cost recovery basis or small surplus for commercial clients with any proceeds being re-invested in water safety in WA.

Operating 24x7x365 we can improve your customer service by simply saying “Hello”.

Service Arranging

Hello can arrange your services as required. Ringing Hello and requesting a service ie: staff, resources or team members etc.  Hello can meet those needs with efficiency 24x7x365. Reporting can be instantaneous by email, fax or SMS.

Message Taking

Hello can provide a simple cost effective message taking service 24x7x365.

Messages can be delivered via SMS, email or telephone instantly or daily.

Overflow Calls

During busy times, important calls are often missed.

Hello can assist in handling overflow calls during peak times.

Hello can answer simple questions, take messages or even transfer calls back to a specific person if required. It’s up to you.

After Hours—Escalation

Don't miss a call. Hello can provide a cost effective after hours answering service rather than the dreaded answering machine.  Based on your requirements, Hello can escalate the message to those that need the message 24x7x365.  Alternatively we can simply take a message and SMS or email the message for you to deal with at your next convenient moment.

Order Taking and Scheduling

Hello can assist with the collection and receipt of customer orders.  Orders can be processed through your system or we can allocate these to specified staff based on your business rules.  On-line scheduling of staff can deliver effective work scheduling.

Staff Tracking

Hello can provide a tracking service for your staff or technicians when they are on the road or on the job by simply having them call Hello at the start and completion of a job.